From Devastation to Dream Home

At Renewal Remodels & Additions, we not only make new that which has become outdated or unmanageable, but we also renew what has been broken or destroyed. A South Sound family recently lost their entire home in a devastating fire, which left their shelter and belongings in a pile of pieces on their land. It is always an honor to be invited into people’s lives and homes to transform a homeowner’s space into one they’ve dreamt of; this job, however, held special meaning as we entirely rebuilt a home that had been lost.

We are in the beginning stages of this build. This project will be completed early 2017, we will gladly post pictures of the completed home when it’s done.

Since our team was starting from scratch, we designed a different floor plan for the home, while using the same footprint. With this unexpected clean slate, the family decided to seize the opportunity to include design elements that hadn’t been included in their previous home.

For this family, an open floor plan—enhancing their beautiful Pacific Northwest view—was at the top of their list. A garage, replacing what had been a carport in their previous home, was the homeowner’s next request. Finally, a large 12’ sliding glass door and three spacious bedrooms rounded out their wish list for their new home. We’re more than happy to include these elements in our design for this build.

Our conversations with this family got us thinking—what would you change about your home, if you had the chance? What elements would make up your 3-point wish list? Maybe it’s something practical and simple or something wild and luxurious!

The circumstances that brought this family to us were devastating, but it has been our pleasure to rebuild—out of the ashes—a dream home for this persevering family.